No More Water Spots!

Bob Asks:

We have a 2018 Tiffin Phaeton that we had Duratain applied on April 2018. Can I use a waterless wash to maintain the coach? When I use water I get water spots as it dries so fast, especially on the black and maroon colors.

Wade Responds:


             First let me thank you for being a Duratain customer! To simply answer your question, YES, you can use a waterless wash to clean you new Phaeton motorhome.  Dark colors on a RV look great! Well, when clean, they look great, but they show everything from little water spots to the smallest of chips.  I also own a dark coach that I travel around the country with, so I do understand.  We make a product called Spit Shine that we developed for  RV  owners like you and me.  It’s loaded with lifters so it won’t scratch your finish, contains a little lite wax to leave a shine and you really only need 2 towels, one damp and one dry to clean.  That’s all I use to wash my Duratained coach.  The only additional cleaning product that I use is our Bug and Animal Remover. I use this product to remove any bugs off my front cap if needed before the Spit Shine because it cannot remove bugs. 

If you send me your Duratain contract number, located on the top front left hand corner of your contract, I will have the office send you out a complimentary bottle of Spit Shine.  This is the best product to use on your Duratain finish.

Please write back and let me know how you like it!