A Sticky Situation

Paul Asks:

Any suggestions for removing adhesive residue? I have a 1968 Forester painted, aluminum sided camper where the prior owner taped signs on the camper when it was used to sell Christmas trees.

Thanks, Paul

Wade Responds:


That’s a tough one!  Unfortunately almost anything that will remove adhesive will also remove your paint.  I do have some things that I have done in the past.   If you adessive is still sticky  than a solvent based cleaner like Mineral Spirits may do the trick. If the adessive is dry and hard, carefully use a razor blade to scrape it off is a option.  You can try a plastic razor blade so you don’t cut the paint however I have had limited success with them.  If the adessive has been on the trailer for years there is a good chance  it has stained into the finish.  I have also had success buffing it off with our RV finish Rejuvenator. 

 In short, I have no sure fire way to remove the adhesive. This is a situation where art meets science and with the age of your trailer it’s going to be tough to remove the adhesive without causing further damage to your painted surface.

Thanks for asking,