Big Mistake or Easy Fix?

Aaron Asks:

Hello, I made a big mistake. I just returned from a week long trip and washed and used this spray on spray off wax product. I did this in full sun not even thinking, and now I have excess wax everywhere. The travel trailer is new and has has laminated ultralite walls. The wax build up is horrible. I need to get it off. Which one of your products would you recommend and what technique should I use to remove the wax build up?

Wade Responds:


I have good news!  You really didn’t hurt anything with your wax build up but your eyes.  I would first recommend washing your trailer with our Beast Wash as it will help remove your unsightly waxy residue.  Next I would hand wax your trailer with our Wade Wax which will remove any leftover silicone and waxy mess along with leaving a properly waxed finish.  I recommend staying away from spray on wax finishes as most provide little protection and will wash off in the rain, which can do more harm than good. If you leave your trailer outside it’s recommended you wax every 3 months.  If you don’t like waxing than you should see if our Duratain coating is available in your area. 

Thanks for asking and good luck,

Wade Weiss