Clean Up that Older Finish

Gord Asks:

I have a 2004 Surveyor trailer that requires decal removal and replacement and the gel coat requires repair. I would imagine that the oxidation has to be removed first.What products would you recommend for oxidation cleaning and gel coat repair?

Wade Responds:

Your trailer side walls are made out Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic known as FRP.  Unless painted the finish is typically very thin and not thick like a boat’s gelcoat finish.  FRP is good because it’s a lightweight material but bad when it comes to a long lasting finish.  After you remove the graphics I would than recommend washing with strong solution of our Beast Wash.  This will help remove  oxidation.  After that I would make any sidewall repairs you need to do.  I don’t have any recommendations on repairs.  After your repairs are completed and any painted areas are cured, you can buff out with our RV Finish Restorer with Wax.  This will bring back any finish left in your side walls.  If you do have to do repairs that require painting than I would consider painting all the sidewalls.  As I mentioned,  your particular unit did not come with the best of finishes to start with and it can often be frustrating maintaining a shine if you have little finish left to work with.  

Thanks for asking!