Clean but Unseen: Roof Stains

Jeffrey Asks:

I ordered Beast Wash over the winter in preparation for cleaning my RV roof which I knew was dirty since leaves had stained the roof in the fall before I covered it for winter. Today was uncovering and roof cleaning day. I used the product at full concentration with no dilution, a stiff bristle scrub and pressure washer. While the roof is now clean, there is still visible staining. I was expecting more out of Beast Wash and was frankly disappointed. Really not sure which product to turn to next.

Wade Responds:


Beast Wash is a cleaner and it sounds like it worked well to clean your roof.  It can not remove all staining as different chemical changes will happen to discolor a material like your roof, that I’m guessing is a white rubber membrane.  If  staining on your roof is really bothering you can try using some mild bleach. Dilute the bleach approximately ½ cup of bleach to a gallon of water. Apply to the stained areas with a old towel or sponge and let sit.  Because your roof is now clean the bleach can now remove most areas of discoloration.  I caution you that over cleaning your roof can shorten its lifespan.  In my opinion washing the roof once a year and staying off of it the rest of the time is the best practice to follow.

Remember, unless you have super tall neighbors or are camped next to an airport odds are you are the only one that will ever see the stains!