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Quick Tips with Wade

Barry asks:

Can the wool buffing pad be washed? I am buffing my RV and the buffing pad is getting really dirty and I am wanting to know if I can clean it and if so what is the best way.

Wade Responds:


Yes it can clean it. Just throw it in the washing machine with your normal laundry detergent. 

* * *

Karen Asks:

I used acetone to remove sticker on piece of plexiglass and now realized it stains and it was not a good idea. Does your product remove a stain like this? 

Wade Responds:


I don’t think our RV Finish Rejuvenator with wax will be able to help you with this one.  Acetone is a very hot solvent with the ability to melt materials like plexiglass.   If you told me you used Mineral spirits than I think you could remove any potential damage as Mineral spirits is a much weaker solvent.   I’m sorry I can not be of much help on this. 

 The good news is, if you run across another sticker that you love, you now have the perfect place to stick it!  

Wade Weiss


No More Horsing Around

Help! Black SMC Horse trailer with lots of branch scrapes. Makes me so sad I can’t get them out. Also would love advice on the aluminum care too. Many thanks!!

Wade Responds

SMC trailers are nice! I would wash my horse before letting it ride in one and you certainly don’t want it scratched.  Your black is painted aluminum. But in your case I’m going to recommend you look into Meguiar’s one step products.  You are working with black so your big problem is going to be swirls as you will have to use a machine first.  First use their one step car polish with a machine than follow up with hand wax.  I would mix some peanut oil in with the wax, a trick I use on black finishes. This will give you a smoother looking finish when done as black likes to streak.  As far as your polished aluminum.  I would recommend using clay polishing bricks found in truck stops and supply stores.  They come in different grits depending on how bad your aluminum looks. You will have to get a special polishing wheel for your buffer.  It’s a big job depending on how badly oxidized and scratched your rig is.  After you have her all polished up just use water to wash her with and limit soap use.  Or maintain her with our Spit Shine.  It’s a great product for maintaining that show room look.
Thanks for asking!

Wade Weiss

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