Streaks on your Silver Streak

Kim Asks:

I watched the video for your Beastwash on a Silver Streak.  My Silver streak doesn’t have any mold, mildew, dirt stains, etc.  My only issue is hard water streaks below the windows on the anodized aluminum.  Do you have a different product you would recommend for that or will the Beast Wash do the trick?
Thanks so much,

Wade Responds:

It looks like you might have water spots, but also something else going on with the finish.  Could something else have gotten splashed on the unit? 

I don’t think that Beast Wash alone will completely remove the marks on your finish.  We have a product called Water Spot Killer which would remove the hard water stains but if not used carefully it change the color of the finish and possibly damage the trim due to the acid used in the product to remove the minerals.  If you use this product to clean your trailer you will need to use it on your entire trailer to make it look even again. 

You can try using our Rejuvenator with a buffer and wool pad to bring back an even finish, but again you would have to do this process over the entire exterior of your trailer to get an even appearance. 

Aluminum finishes when clean and shiny are beautiful to look at, unfortunately they aren’t the easiest surface to work with and the cleaning process is a very timely one.

Wade Weiss