Wade Wax to Make it Last

Kemp Asks:

Hi Wade,

Just purchased a Rockwood Ultra Lite 2608 from Dodd RV and had your products installed.  By the way, Jennifer Wise was awesome and did an outstanding job!

I have read conflicting info as to whether the rig should be waxed.  Some folks say don’t wax and others say that it just helps maintain the Duratain finish.

Your thoughts on annual or semi-annual waxing and the type of wax that should be used so as not to degrade the Duratain finish.



Wade Responds:


With Duratain VC-1 you are not required to wax your RV for up to 5 years.  However, if you plan on keeping your unit for many years I would recommend waxing once every 6 months to a year, depending on how you store your RV.  This can potentially double the life of the Duratain finish.  If it is stored covered or inside you can go with the once a year waxing, if she is outside I would go closer to 6 months.

As far as type of wax, I recommend our Wade Maid Wade Wax.  I formulated this wax specifically to work with the Duratain finish.  Wade Wax is available online and at Dodd RV and is super easy to use.  Be sure to stay away from wash and waxes.  These contain silicones which build up on your finish and overtime will dull the units appearance.

Thanks for purchasing Duratain and welcome to the Duratain Family!

Wade Weiss