Keep Your Caps Looking Good!

Rondo Asks:


I have a 2013 Keystone Montana 3582RL and when I had it last washed and waxed by one of the pro companies at a rally we were attending, they told me the front and rear caps were starting to oxidize. I trust this company and I would like to know if I can stop this oxidation and restore the shine and finish on our Montana.

Wade Responds:


             It is possible to polish out your caps to a shine with our RV Finish Rejuvenator.  How long your shine lasts will depend on the color of your caps.  White caps are your typical gel coat type finish and will polish out and will last 3 to 6 months before needing to be polished out once again.  Tan or gray caps are often  color infused and may only last days before the color starts bleeding through to the surface leaving a milky appearance.  The only way to permanently fix a color infused cap is by having them painted.

Wade Weiss