Beast Wash 101

Daniel Asks:

I would like to try the Beast Wash for my RV detailing business, do you have any information on dilution ratios? How far does a gallon go? I like to mix my roof cleaner in a pump weed sprayer, would this method work well? Any information is appreciated.

Wade Responds:


You will want to experiment with the product.  Dilution ratios can vary from 1/2 cup of Beast Wash to 3 gallons of water, all the way up to full strength depending on what you are cleaning.  I am not a fan of spraying any products on a RV,  I prefer to mix it in a bucket and use a wash brush to apply the product this way you get the product evenly distributed.  Beast Wash can be used in a sprayer for cleaning the roof if you prefer.

Thanks for asking!

Wade Weiss