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My Mop & Glow Winnebagoooo Oh No!!

David Asks:


My wife and I recently picked a 2002 Winnebago Journey. The side panels seem to have a heavy coating on the exterior. It almost looks like a thick floor wax. it has yellowed over the years. What is it, and how do I care for, and can I brighten it up?



Wade Reply’s:

Hi Dave

           You are probably are correct in thinking that somebody has Mop and Glowed your Winnebago, or at least used some sort of acrylic product on it.  Acrylics can make an RV’s dull FRP  look great for several weeks or months but after that you will have yellowing and peeling.  I came up with several versions of acrylic finishes, but over time they seem to do more harm than good so I have never brought any them to market.   In fact recently, when I was in a hurry, I mistakenly grabbed one of my acrylic samples thinking it was a bottle of Spit Shine. I had borrowed my wife’s Mercedes and wanted to quickly spruce it up for her. I completely covered her car in acrylic before I noticed what I had done!  This made a real mess of the car.  I had to pull it into the shop and spend the rest of the day using mineral spirits, RV Finish Rejuvenator, a Razorblade and a buffer to remove the acrylic from the car’s finish.  There are still some areas that I will need to wait until I can flake it off  but so far she has not noticed…. Dave, let’s  keep this our little secret. 

With all that being said, your best option would be to try to buff out the sides with a wool pad using my RV Finish Rejuvenator.  If that doesn’t seem to do a good enough job you can wet sand her with 600 grit sandpaper.  Just be careful not to go too deep with the sanding. 




Acetone on Plexiglass? Not Much You Can Do

Karen Asks:

I used acetone to remove sticker on piece of plexiglass and now realized it stains and it was not a good idea. Does your product remove a stain like this? 

Wade Responds:


I don’t think our RV Finish Rejuvenator with wax will be able to help you with this one.  Acetone is a very hot solvent with the ability to melt materials like plexiglass.   If you told me you used Mineral spirits than I think you could remove any potential damage as Mineral spirits is a much weaker solvent.   I’m sorry I can not be of much help on this. 

 The good news is, if you run across another sticker that you love, you now have the perfect place to stick it!  

Wade Weiss

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