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Spit Shine to Make Your Boats Look Extra Fine!

Martin Asks:

Hi there,
I have a boat detailing company and was wondering if the spit shine waterless wash and wax can be used on gelcoat.
Best regards, Martin

Wade Responds:

Yes, Spit Shine can be used on a fiberglass finish.  In fact that is what I use on my boat every time I remove it from the lake.  If your finish is in good shape it’s a great product to wipe your boats down with. It also helps maintain your finish.   If you are detailing boats it’s not a restorer and you will first need to get a good basecoat of wax on the boat.  This product is for maintaining a waxed finish not creating one.

Thanks for asking!

Wade Weiss 


Mr. Miyagi, What Happened??

Travis Asks:

I waxed my fiberglass Lance trailer with meguires and now it looks all blotchy. How can I strip the wax and make it shine again?

Wade Responds:


  Waxing your RV can be tricky as you are not working with a painted surface.  I also have a Lance camper, the good news is they have a better FRP finish than most.  The bad news is they are still hard to wax.  My guess it that you already had some hazing on the finish before you started. Depending on how bad the surface hazing is will determine your next step.  You may have to machine buff out your finish first to get the shine back. Then follow up with a good RV wax such as our Wade Wax. 

   To remove the wax that you currently have on your finish our Beast Wash will do that.  Please watch our various video’s on buffing, washing and waxing.  If this doesn’t seem to help you with your situation then send me some photos of your finish and I will do my best to guide you in the correct direction.

Hope this helps,



Move over Scrubbing Bubbles, Bug & Animal Remover to the Rescue!!

Roger Asks:

I have a 7 month old TT with Duratain. Someone on the web mentioned they emailed you folks about cleaning their travel trailer and said you recommended Dawn dish washing soap but not wash and wax automotive products. I want to use Dawn on the nose cap to remove some baked-on bugs. The rest of the trailer comes clean enough with cold water and a nylon bristle brush. A few others have recommended Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner but i don’t know if they have a Duratain coating on their rigs.  I know you recommend Beast Wash but it’s expensive for a gallon jug and i don’t need that much nor do i want to haul it around as a full time RV’er nor do i need it to clean the rest of the trailer. Is Dawn okay? Is Scrubbing Bubbles okay? Thanks in advance, Roger

Wade Responds:

Yes you can use Dawn but really I would only use water unless your rig is really dirty.  For bugs use our Bug & Animal Remover it will make cleaning bugs a snap. We don’t have a video on this product but B&A Remover will melt the bugs off with out scrubbing or hurting your finish.  I do NOT recommend using  ANY bathroom cleaner on your RV unless your RV looks like a toilet 😉.  If so please contact our warranty department ASAP!

Thanks for asking and Thank You for being a Duratain customer. 

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