Perfection is in the Details

Craig Asks:

Hey Wade,

I own a 2014 Montana High Country 5th wheel. It is stored on the Oregon coast during the spring, summer and fall months. We take it to Yuma during the winter month. The fiberglass sides oxidize and it does not clean up when washed and waxed. I am looking at your products and would like to know which one(s) will clean up the oxidation and protect the fiberglass from the harsh wrath on the coast and the heat in Yuma.

Wade Responds:

Hey Craig,

            Thank you for the photos.  Your coach looks to be in good shape and I think you can polish and detail out most of your issues.  Let’s start with your cream colored side walls.  This is a FRP finish and you will need the Rejuvenation Kit to polish this out.  You cannot machine polish your vinyl graphics but you may be able to hand wax your graphics with our Wade Wax and make them look better and give them some protection.  Please remember that both your FRP and vinyl graphics have limited color pigmentation and the wax will become your new finish so once you have her buffed out and looking good you will need to keep your finish waxed every 3 months. In the future, would only wash your coach with water and not soap. Soap removes wax.  You can use our Bug and Animal Remover on the front cap to remove bugs as it wont remove wax.   In regards to your black refrigerator vent cover, that is a flat black plastic cover and you can simply spray paint semi flat black spray paint found at your local hardware store.  Your lower panel is a non-care finish and wont need waxing or polishing just a good washing with our Beast Wash.  In fact, I would recommend using Beast Wash to prep your unit before you start this whole process.  To clean your screw molding I recommend using paint thinner on a rag to remove the icky grime that has built up on the rubber screw cover. This will not only clean it up but bring back the original color giving your coach that detailed look. 

So to summarize the products I recommend to detail and polish out your Montana is the following:

Rejuvenation Kit

Bug & Animal Remover

Beast Wash

Wade Wax

Semi Flat Black Spray paint

Paint Thinner

I hope this helps,

Wade Weiss