Plexiglas Boat Door

Dave Asks:

Hi Wade, 

What is the best way to clean and seal a black plexiglass boat door? It has hazed over from direct UV sunlight. I have 3 small doors to do.

Thanks Dave

Wade Responds:


The best solution to cleaning your Plexiglas boat doors would to be to purchase our Rejuvenation Kit.  You will need the high speed buffer along with our RV Finish Restorer in order to remove the hazing.  I don’t know the size of the Plexiglas area, if its too small than you may not be able to get the buffing pad to work in the area that you need.  In that case you may be better to replace the Plexiglas panels.  That being said, if your panels are big enough to hit with the buffing wheel our product and process will remove your UV surface damage.