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Dearly Departed Decals Leaving You with Ghosts

Joe Asks:

Hi Wade,

The decals have been removed. What left is shadow where the old decal use to be. Some areas it’s shadow is very strong you can see the whole foot print from the old decal.  Other areas the sun has faded the shadow and it not very noticeable.

What to you recommend and how to remove shadow that left on the motor home? I am attaching three pictures your review  

Kind Regards

Joe M.

Wade Responds:


This is a tough project.  The areas where you removed the strips have not been damaged by UV and show your original finish color, while the other surfaces have been exposed to the elements for several years causing a change from that original color. 

Our products will remove the oxidation from these exposed surfaces, but can not remove the yellowing color.  I would recommend that you first wash the entire coach using a strong solution of our Beast Wash product, mixed with a 25% product to water ratio.  This will remove any contamination from the surfaces and also help remove the top layer of oxidation. 

I would then use our Rejuvenation Kit to polish out the finish and help restore a more uniform appearance while protecting your finish.  Our Rejuvenator product leaves a layer of wax on your sidewalls/caps to help protect the finish.  Once all this work is done, we recommend only washing your coach with water to prevent the removal of this protective coating until it is time to wax again.  Remember that it is important to always keep a protective layer of wax on your exterior finishes to help protect them.  Finally, I would also recommend waxing your coach every 3-6 months with our Wade Wax product.

Thanks for asking!


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