Wade Wax


Wade Wax to Make it Last

Kemp Asks: Hi Wade, Just purchased a Rockwood Ultra Lite 2608 from Dodd RV and had your products installed.  By the way, Jennifer Wise was awesome and did an outstanding job! I have read conflicting info as to whether the rig should be waxed.  Some folks say don’t wax and others say that it just […]

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Big Mistake or Easy Fix?

Aaron Asks: Hello, I made a big mistake. I just returned from a week long trip and washed and used this spray on spray off wax product. I did this in full sun not even thinking, and now I have excess wax everywhere. The travel trailer is new and has has laminated ultralite walls. The […]

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Simple Solution to your Outside Oxidation

Holt Asks: I have a 2001 Aluminum sided lance truck camper. Mostly stored outside. Looking to remove oxidation and provide a wax to the surface. Recommendations ???  Wade Responds: Holt            Believe it or not I would simply recommend our Wade Wax. When working with painted aluminum I do not recommend using compounds because the finish […]

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How Long Does a Wax Really Last?

Denney Asks: If using on a automobile how long does it last before needing to be used again under normal conditions? Wade Responds: If you are referring to Wade Wax, like any wax, the length of time it protects will vary.  Wade Wax is considered a “once a year wax.”  However that is just an […]

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Oxidation and Relaxation: Restoring your Vintage Camper

Paul Asks: I bought a 1968 Forester camper with painted aluminum siding – what is the best product to clean the oxidation & restore shine to the paint? Thanks very much – Paul Wade Responds: Paul, Sounds like a fun project!  Because you are dealing with factory painted aluminum this is going to be a […]

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Wade Waxin’ Duratain Lastin’

Daylan Asks: I watched a video on your web site where you used beast wash for an extremely dirty RV and used a pressure washer. I am wondering if Beast wash can be used like regular soap just to do a regular washing? My RV is not very dirty at all so I suppose I […]

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Wax On – Wax Off and Bring Back that Shine!

Scott Asks: Hi there. We now have a truck camper (the ones that sit inside the truck bed). It’s all aluminum exterior is looking “dirty” How can we clean and  wax this surface to make it shine again with out removing the paint ? What products would you recommend ? Please let me know! Thank you! […]

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Some Like It Hot… But Not When Waxing Your Beast!

Wade Replies: Ed,         Yes you can, however a hot surface is never a good surface to work with.  If your finish is dark I would not attempt applying any wax in the direct sun unless it’s a cold day.  It’s all about surface temperature on your RV and not the sun.    Thanks, Wade Ed […]

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Wax On, Wax Off.. My Roof???

Wade Replies: Catherine,                     I also own a Itasca Meridian by Winnebago, they are great rigs!  I power wash mine once a year.  I have never waxed it but if you really want to you could Wade Wax your roof once a year.  However- it will make it slippery so I don’t recommend it, it’s […]

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Take a Sneak Peek of Giant Recreation World’s New Ormond Beach Facility- She’s a Beauty!!

Giant Recreation World – Ormond Beach Last week on my visit to Florida I was invited to tour Giant Recreation Center’s new Ormond Beach facility. Although it’s still under construction you can see its going to be a well laid out, IMPRESSIVE location. Just off I- 95 at the US -1 exit, it’s conveniently located […]

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