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Head ShotAre you wondering how to Restore your Beast so it looks brand new? Or, how to properly Polish, Wash or Clean your RV? Wade wants to answer these questions and more for you.

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How much do I dilute Beast Wash to clean my 2011 Outback?

Mark writes,  I’ve watched all your videos. But I’m wondering, do I  need to dilute the Beast Wash or do I use it full strength? Or do I just add some to a bucket of water? Or does the product come with these instructions? My rv is a 2011 Outback 312bh . I just bought it […]

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How do I clean up my Keystone camper with Wade Maid products?

John writes,  I recently purchased this Keystone camper. I had to get a new awning. I live in South Louisiana. It has a film of dirt and, i guess, mildew from the weather, how and what should I use to clean and keep it clean ? Wade replies.  You have a acrylic better known as […]

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Is Beast Wash safe to use on my 2003 Sea Ray?

Eric writes,  I use the Beast Wash on my travel trailer, and it works great!  I have a 2003 Sea Ray fiberglass boat.  Is Beast Wash safe for the boat? Wade replies,  I am glad you like our Beast Wash.  Beast Wash can be used on your boat as well.  I would recommend waxing your boat after […]

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Will Wade Maid fix my scrape?

Mary writes,  Do any of your products even touch this kind of scrape? I’m embarrassed to send you this photo, but got to start somewhere? Wade replies,  Don’t be embarrassed, posts often jump out and hit RVs! It’s a phenomenon that baffles scientists.  Now can we get the posts damage to removed or at least […]

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How do I get rid of the black streaks on my 1998 Mallard?

Paul writes,  I have a 98 mallard 40 foot trailer. We have tried every supposed black streak cleaner the RV stores can offer. The closest to clean we’ve gotten this thing is with fantastic of all sprays. But even then the elbow grease is simply too much and we give up. Needless to say this […]

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