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Head ShotAre you wondering how to Restore your Beast so it looks brand new? Or, how to properly Polish, Wash or Clean your RV? Wade wants to answer these questions and more for you.

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Roof Roof Roof – Safely Washing That Alpha-dog!!

Richard Asks-  Can I use Beast Wash on a Alpha Systems RV roof. The company only recommends Spic n Span or Dawn dishwashing detergent, no petroleum based products. Also, what and how do you clean a electric rollout vinyl awning? Richard Wade Replies –  Richard, Beast Wash is compatible with your Alpha roof.  For information […]

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Everyone was Forrest Fighting (na na na na na na na) There’s Scratches Down My Siding!!

Cory Asks –  Wade I recently came across a tree that was sticking out in the road and unfortunately I was unable to avoid clipping it with my RV.  The only damage I sustained was scratches along the side.   They don’t seem to be to deep but I did attempt to use a 3M product […]

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Peelin’ Like A Bad Sunburn – Can Rejuvenator Soothe the Pain?

Bobbi Asks –  Hi Wade, had my hopes up till I saw this about the cap. Ours is a brown Sanibel 2014. Oxidation going on on top of cap and on the back kick out area under the back window. Lovely chalking going on. I was just about ready to order the Rejuvenator. Would this […]

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Ahh….. My Van Man! Scuffed Fiberglass Rejuvenation

Josh Asks- Hey Wade, So I recently purchased a fiberglass van top with a white gel coat finish and the trucking company decided to transport it on its side all the way from Nova Scotia to Portland, OR.  So without having to say much more i’m sure, the one side looks like someone has run […]

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Bleach n’ Beast Washin – It’s Awning of a Good Time

Mark Asks- How much bleach is used with how much Beast Wash to clean an awning? Mark Wade Replies-  Mark,      It depends on how dirty your awning is.  Typically a 4 to 1 ratio of Beast Wash to Bleach diluted with water works. I usually use 2 cups of Beast Wash with ½ […]

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